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We are in business to provide seamless technical support to our clients subscribers and employees. We provide technical support on connectivity, software protocols and configuration, hardware installation and up gradation, and Remote database (Oracle, MS SQL) and System Administration.


We are serving a group of 300 ISPs based all across USA. We service dial-up, DSL, and Cable customers.

  24x7 x365 Technical Support Operations

Our services are more economical due to our location but we take pride in our Quality of Service (QoS).

  Our objective is “continued commitment to excellence”


Provide always available and reliable technical support using experienced and trained professionals.

Unique Selling Points

  Quality Delivery

Benchmarked quality practices in place

  Call Logging Software to record, monitor, and analyze customer queries and call patterns 
  Remote access to client for transparent monitoring and full control

Communication Channels and Round the Clock Operations


Internet Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) from Noida, India office to San Jose, CA office to carry voice and video data


IPLC is interfaced with US phone networks via Qwest, making India office an Extension of any team in USA - 24 hour Voice / data (call to check voice quality)Connectivity

  US Toll free Number to call India Facility

Multiple T1 voice channels, T1 Internet bandwidth, and fraction T1 internet backup from different providers

  Video Conferencing Available
  Front office and Technical Support center is staffed 24x7x365

Infrastructure Scalability


US interface from our San Jose, CA based office

  Fully equipped and secure operational Technical Support center in Noida, India

Capability to scale up and scale down according to your needs
Backup facility only 50 miles away

Manpower Selection and Allocation


Very Strong Recruitment capability

  Mapping of major talent resource towns in India
  Existing manpower database - constantly increasing

Emphasis on Language, Accent, Service Attitude while screening the candidates


Right recruitment, role clarity and appropriate project allocation has resulted in low turnover rate

  In-house training department

Ability to Serve Globally


Office in USA to act as your local contact and facilities in India will provide actual delivery of service

  Operational contact center available all 24 hours, 7 days and 365 days.



MIS System in place to track all assets including hardware, software and other equipments

  Backup and disaster recovery procedures in place
  Business continuity plan in place
  Physical security in places
  Database servers are fully secured
  Only agents handling the requisite processes are allowed to enter work area

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