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Maximize your career potential by working for Enstaserv

Enstaserv is a ‘full service’ technology solutions company and our people are the pillars of our growth. We are a niche player in the offshore development space with immense domain competencies in Microsoft technologies.

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‘Our people’ make us ‘special’ and bring that extra ‘uniqueness’ to our services and solutions. Enstaserv has been consistently growing with growth rates high above the average market growth rates.

To join our team of ‘hardcore’ professionals, we continuously require technical and marketing talent in different geographies. Our tremendous growth over the past few months has spawned the necessity of a ‘recruitment drive’ to attract the best brains. We are on the lookout for people who are dynamic, intelligent, sincere, dedicated, diligent, quality centric, full of zeal and ones who have a demonstrated capability.

We are an equal opportunity employer and our reward and compensation models are best-in-class. With a very well-managed and low attrition rate, Enstaserv has proved itself as a ‘top-class’ employer.

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