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Digital Consumer Products Technical Support
  We are currently providing following Processes and Technical Support:

We provide product technical support to our customers. These are the digital products like Camera, Camcorder, PDAs, Palms, Home Theater and so on.


We also provide technical support to various software products and utilities like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Antivirus Products, Outlook express, MS outlook and so on.


Guidance on Product knowledge


Customers at times are not aware of the products features. Our Technical Staffs help customers to know the product better so that they can use the product effectively.


Technical understanding


Digital Product and Software Utilities products come with technical specification and ratings. Our Technical Executives help them to understand the technicalities of the product.


User Access to learning place/ portal


Our Technical Staff help our customer to access the learning place/ portal in case they are having problem accessing the leaning place.


Tips on Portal


Customer can always find first level of support by accessing the learning place/ portal. Our Technical staffs always help customers as how to use portal/ e-learning place effectively to maximize the solutions and faster knowledge gain.


User ID and resetting the password


Our Technical staff help our customer to reset the password and to help identify the lost password, so that thy have uninterrupted access to our learning portal.


Online Instruction to use the product


We help our customers as how to use the product first time. We also teach them how to use the product effectively. This is voice-based interaction with the customers.


Troubleshooting of product usage and valuable help


When our customers face the problem then our technical support executive help customers to identify the problem and troubleshoot it online.


Product Warranties Support

    Our Technical Staff help our customers for product warranties.

Helpdesk Services


Our customers have access to our helpdesk services 24 hours. They can login to helpdesk in following ways.




Our customers call our technical support executives at a toll free numbers for any kind of assistance and help related to products.




Only our customers with product CD key are authorized to login in our customized chat room and to have dialogue with technical staff. This is purely online interaction and our technical support executives give step-by-step instructions to customers to solve their problems of any nature.




If the problem is too complex, then our customers send the email to our helpdesk.. Solution may require sometime, so our TSE (technical Support Executives) give them a ticket number and intimate the possible resolution time.


FAQ Services


Our team maintains FAQ services for each product and services on e-learning place/portal. Whenever a customer logs in on the portal, he/she can get FAQ. In case they have any problem, they call us at our 24x7 helpdesk services.

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