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Quality Delivery & Software Testing

We have written down procedures for the following:

 Software Engineering Processes
Proposal and Contract review
  Written down procedure and already existing forms to ensure no ambiguity
Defining Acceptance Criteria and Preparation of Acceptance Plan
  The aim of this procedure is to ensure that acceptance activities are carried out as scheduled. The acceptance plan is prepared following the requirement analysis study. The procedure results in clear and unambiguous acceptance criteria of client requirements and preparation of Acceptance Test Plan.
Software Estimation
  The objective of the project estimation process is to provide a basis for software contract, project management plan and for finalizing the team size. Estimates are calculated for project’s efforts, costs, critical computer resources and schedule.
Change Control
  Change management is a critical component of software development. We have an established process to receive changes, understand them and categorize them as minor or major. Minor changes are taken care by project manager, while any Major change is sent for approval to Software Development Center head and time / cost impact indicated to client before incorporation.
Configuration Management
  To configure software items (programs and documents) and monitor their status and control changes to configurable items throughout the life cycle of the project.
Final Inspection and Delivery
  To perform the final inspection and delivery of deliverable as per the development agreement/proposal. It results in a final inspection report and delivery of final deliverables to the client as per the proposal. This procedure also helps us to apply the metrics as a measurement to determine the rating levels of the software product and assess the quality of the product.

Handling Deviations
  This procedure helps us to review concessions and resolve deviations of activities from software development plan, project standards and procedures. It helps resolve any non-compliance’s raised during project audits or phase-end review.

Human Resource Planning
  Procedure to allocate various human resources to different projects and planning for their future assignments.

Inspection of In-coming equipment & Customer Supplied Items
  Procedure to ensure that in-coming material meets the required specifications. This procedure is applicable to the following.
Capital goods and computer consumable.
Commercial off-the-shelf software
Computer and communication hardware
A tool intended to assist in the development of software
Contract staff
Maintenance and customer support services
Training courses and materials
This procedure is also applicable for sending and receiving client products. The
procedure results in acceptable in-coming goods to be stored per the documented
procedures for inventory.
Peer Review – Inspection
  This procedure is mandatory for all projects. Peer review.
Inspection is conducted at the following instances
Review of project management plan of a fresh project
Review of SRS, HLD or any document, which needs customer sign-off from the customer
Acceptance test cases
All external deliverables and the documents/components, which are critical in the software development life cycle, are subjected to the Peer review - inspection.
The procedure marks the satisfactory completion of the reviewed inputs and results in a sign-off from the quality analyst.
Apart from the above procedures, we have strict guidelines for
Preparing test plans and test cases
Preparing and updating user documents
Customer complaints and corrective actions
Management review
Project wind-up
Maintenance and work ahead
To be able to develop and maintain mission critical applications of our clients 24x7x365 days in a year, we have strict written down and established procedures for:
Backup and Disaster Recovery
Client Helpdesk (Email, Voice, chat)
Communication Link Maintenance
Dual Power Backup
Dual EPABX Backup
Tracking of Media, Hardware and Software
Fully Controlled Access to the Development Center and Server Rooms
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