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MIS Reports for Digital Product Technical Support

All our reports are generated from ISS (Interactive Support Systems), our main CRM package. See below the list of reports:

Call Login Report

Chat Login report

Email Report

Average Call Report

Hourly Call. Chat and Email Report

Daily, Weekly. Monthly service Report

Satisfaction level surveys and Analysis Report

Full reporting against the Service Level Agreement

Full Reporting and control for Programs

Enstaserv will suggest a suitable Account management Process. In order to manage the delivery service to your need, we have established an Account Management Process. This consists of a multi-tier approach providing control and reporting from Director level to Team Leader.

Enstaserv would depute a Delivery Head who will co-ordinate with your counterparts for daily activities and reporting.

The technical staff assigned by you will receive the full support of Enstaserv’s Account Management team. This will ensure their continued motivation and dedication to your organization’s objectives.

The Account Manager assigned to your organization will be responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction and will be measured accordingly. These measurements will be based on the services delivered and driven to ensure that maximum benefits are realized. This will be achieved through monthly or fortnightly meetings.

Regular communication between Enstaserv and your organization will ensure a mature understanding of roles and objectives. This cultivates an open and productive working relationship. Thus, if any issues are identified they are addressed early and resolved quickly.

The Account Management Process is a part of Enstaserv’s continuous improvement methodology and is regularly reviewed to sharpen focus on quality of service and client relationship.

Daily, weekly and monthly call statistics, with closed and open calls, new calls, time taken, person hours consumed, escalation levels, prime time calls, non prime time calls etc. would be provided. We shall also provide detailed report on each of the call giving details and nature of call queries, resolution etc.

MIS Sample Report 1: Call/ Voice Reports
 Consolidated Call Report
MIS Sample Report 2: CHAT Reports
MIS Sample Report 3: Email Reports
MIS Sample Report 4

Problems for a duration recoded for different products. This report is shared with client online through Portal by secure login and password.

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