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ISP Technical Support Service Level Agreements (SLAs)


Identification of your subscribers


We are currently servicing a group of 300 ISPs. Your subscriber’s call lands on our front office desk. The front office asks for either a reference number or ISP supplied e-mail ID. Then she forwards the call to technical staff and lets them know about the ISP who owns the caller.


Staffing of Shifts


Based on your subscriber base, time zone of your operation, type of contract, and your subscribers call pattern, we will deploy staff in such a manner that your subscribers will not need to wait. In case of higher call volume, our front office will take the subscriber’s phone number. Our technical staff will call back that number within 30 minutes.


Service Timings


We normally provide service 24x7x365. Since we log all calls in our proprietary Call Logging Software, our agents can see previous calls made by the same subscribers and we can solve intermittent problems satisfactorily. We prefer to be your subscribers full time support desk. However, we also provide service for weekends and holidays only or with low peak hours.


Call Analysis and Adding more Technical Staff


We analyze call volume and call pattern every 15 days. There could be higher volume of calls due to an outage or some special event. Based on normal situation, we staff in such a way that no subscriber has to wait for more than three minutes. Please note that all calls are answered by a human operator within 4 rings and then either passed on to a free agent or put on hold for service within 3 minutes. In case of unexpected higher volume at a certain time, our front office operator will take the caller’s information and our technical staff will call back as soon as they get free, normally within 30 minutes.


Availability of System and Network Engineers


We have round the clock availability of experienced System Admins and Network Engineers. They are always available to our technical staff to solve a subscriber’s tricky problem.


Voice, E-mail, and Chat Support


We provide support through voice (phone), email and chat. Our subscriber interaction system efficiently routes, responds and escalates (if need be) all types of support calls. We know that customers hate waiting, so we take extreme care to assure them minimum hold time, speedy email resolution, live chat and fast issue resolution.


Online Knowledge Base


We use efficient knowledge management. Our online knowledge base contains the common user problems/queries and their all-possible solutions. It is a fully indexed and searchable database. Whenever there is a subscriber problem that our technical staff cannot solve straight away, they look-up this database. This ensures speedy and very accurate resolution of most of the subscriber problems. But if a problem is not listed in the database then the agents use their expertise to resolve it and subsequently the solution is added to the knowledge base. The technical staff always has experienced System and Network professionals at hand to solve new or difficult situations.


Subscriber Call Logging Software


We use an advanced Subscriber Call Logging package, developed in-house, to document the subscriber calls. The data can also be analyzed to give users better experience by understanding the nature of their calls.



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