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Supported Products, Technologies, Platforms and Applications
Digital Products

We are providing technical support, how to use the products, maintenance and so on for a variety of products. We also add various products and their models constantly depending upon the requirement of the client.

  Digital Cameras
  PDAs & Palms
  Home theaters
  Tablet PC
Software Products/ Utilities

We are currently providing technical support and how to use the products for various software utilities products. Technical support and know-how varies from basic to advance level of learning.

  Your Computer and Windows® XP
  HTML 4.01: Web Authoring
  Microsoft® PowerPoint 2002 (Office® XP)
  Microsoft® Word 2002 (Office® XP)
  Microsoft® Excel 2002 (Office® XP)
  Microsoft® Access 2002 (Office® XP)
  Microsoft® FrontPage 2002 (Office® XP)
  Microsoft® Outlook 2002 (Office® XP)
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