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HR Information Systems

HR Information Systems (HRIS) forms the backbone of the HR department. It uses technology to inter-twine the traditional functions that consumed enormous amount of time, resource and manpower. It offers a total solution for payroll and human resource management.

HRIS is required for a variety of reasons. In today's fast-changing business environment, you might become sick of maintaining duplicate files or programs to support the growing needs of your Human Resources area; tired of HR software that can't integrate with your payroll or general accounting systems and the result is double entries; frustrated with information systems that don't generate the necessary reports to manage your business, require complicated report writing steps, or vendors that charge for each report run; overwhelmed by the administration required to run your expanding human resources department.

In any organization, HRIS typically performs the following functions:

Primarily, HRIS provides information systems support to Human Resources Services and the departments within those Divisions, such as Employee Benefits, Employee Assistance, Employment Services, Employee Education & Development, Payroll Services, and Employee Records. HRIS serves as the initial information systems and information technology contact point for all these areas. The HRIS team is also responsible in an organization also maintains and coordinates the various software applications.

HRIS also further functions to provide information and data that serve the needs Executive and Administrative staff of companies. The data can be in the form of statistical data, comparative data, payroll data, year-to-date figures, area leave balances, salary data, hire and layoff statistics, and present or past employee lists. This information can be supplied through sub-intranets that are designed to meet specific purposes for specific groups. HRIS also has a function to respond to some external surveys and information requests that are considered as public information such as employee statistics and analytical and comparative data for employee groups or sets of employees.

At FCS we understand your needs for a viable, cost-effective HRIS. Our competent work-force is well-versed with the elements of HRIS. Over the past decade we have extensively served several companies to design viable and cost-effective HRIS. If you are a global giant or a medium-sized company our expertise and depth of understanding helps us to serve almost anyone. We develop client-centric products that enable us to serve a plethora of industries, selling any product and located anywhere on the globe. We can also help you to plan out the strategy and the structure of HRIS. Post-deployment, we also provide a seamless 24x7 support to address all the problematic areas.



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