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Process Heading
 Process Heading


Low-level Design

Software Development Process Flow – Low-level Design

This step incorporates the following stages.

Entry Criteria

  • Project Management Plan is available.
  • HLD document is available.


  • Prepare Program Specifications.
  • Provide a Structured Walk through.
  • Prepare the Test Plan and Test Cases.
  • Provide a Structured Walk through the Phase-end Review.

Validation and Verification

  • Review Test Plan.
  • Review Program Specification.
  • Review Unit Test Cases.
  • Review Functional Test Cases.
  • Review Acceptance Test Cases.

Exit Criteria

  • Program Specifications are released.
  • Unit Test Cases are released.
  • Functional Test Cases are released.
  • Acceptance Test Cases are released.

Phase Deliverables

  • Program Specifications
  • Unit Test Cases and Test Data
  • Functional Test Cases and Test Data


Daily Build Process

VPN Setup & Version Control
Virtual Teams
Quality Assurance & Testing Process