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Application Testing

In any software development process, validation and verification takes upto 40 per cent of the effort, time and resources. Testing, as a major component of these activities, must ensure quality and cost-effectiveness to provide a good return on investment over the long term. The quality of testing can be improved by adopting a systematic testing approach, whereas cost-effectiveness can be improved by test automation and by using offshore services.

FCS has the skills, processes, tools, techniques and a competent work-force that are essential requisites for systematic testing. We offer all these using a cost-effective onsite-offshore model.

Load Testing

Our load testing services are designed to put you on the road toward a successful software application launch with all-deliberate speed and assurance. Its principal aim is to determine how well your applications and infrastructure perform under the stress of between 100 and 10,000+ concurrent virtual users. This allows you to reap the benefits of a thorough performance testing evaluation, which can be completed in as few as five days.

At the end of the test period, you get a comprehensive assessment report of test results, as well as recommendations on your readiness to "go live". Companies will want to employ this service when they are confident of the accurate transactional functionality of their software applications, but uncertain about their performance and availability, under projected volumes of the user traffic.

Functional Testing

These services are focused on assuring the quality and integrity of application features and functionality. Here we check your application’s functions and features to ensure correct operation before going live. The purpose is to demonstrate and verify that the internal operation of the product performs according to the specifications and all internal components have been adequately exercised. Our testing services are specifically tailored and designed to suit your needs. FCS specializes in providing all types of functional testing services.

Security Testing

Information security has become a paramount issue these days. More and more sensitive and critical information and transactions are susceptible to hackers or even worse, terrorists. Security can be breached or compromised in countless ways. Unfortunately, some situations that may contribute to these risks are not recognized until exceptional conditions occur. e.g. How well does your website behave if it were to become swamped with an inordinate number of users? What security holes are opened up as the protocols, and other infrastructure that drive web sites, are stressed? This 'Security Under Load' service provides answers to these and other concerns by artificially creating scenarios that mimic these types of activities, while simultaneously evaluating components that are susceptible to security breaches.

Usability Testing

Our usability testing service checks your web site’s ease-of-use, intuitiveness, and overall usability. We assess usability and design factors, such as ease-of-navigation, features, functions and error control, consistency, feedback, performance, visual clarity, and accessibility. High-quality usability is a key factor in customer satisfaction and fulfillment, and critical in making a successful site.

As with all of FCS Lab Services, this service embodies both speed and comprehensibility, with a complete assessment delivered in as few as five days. At the end of this period, you get professionally generated test results and observations, along with relevant recommendations. Companies will want to choose this option when they are uncertain about how well their application’s full range of functions are going to be received by real users, when they are put on-line.




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