LinuxWizardry Systems


Java 1.2.2, Swing, Drag and Drop API, Graphics 2D API, J Builder 3.0, JDBC, IIS 4.0, Windows NT4.0, Oracle 8.0, Linux

Project Details:
Apprentice Command Center

The Linux Wizardry Router is a combination of hardware and software that provides an extremely easy to use and configure network router solution for homes and small business. The key feature of this product is its graphical user interface (Apprentice Command Center). We were involved in the design and development of the Apprentice Command Center. The user interface provides a graphical representation of the network topology using "Drag and Drop " icons. The user interface also lets the administrators to administer the network from any part of the world. The product will have the support to configure the CISCO Routers remotely in the near future. For this project, we:

  • Used Java applets for creating the front-end screens.
  • Used J Builder as the IDE.
  • Used Oracle 8.0 as the backend database.
  • Developed the application under Linux (Red Hat) environment.