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FCS fills the need for highly specialized Lotus Notes and Domino capabilities among sophisticated business organizations. Since our inception, we have helped clients develop and manage their Lotus Notes and Domino technology through:

  • Application Development
  • Strategic Business Solution Implementation
  • Management of the Notes Mail Enterprise

Our technology products are effective in delivering quality solutions, high return on investment, and state-of-the-art task management. Of course, all our products are backed by our extensive expertise in all aspects of Lotus Notes and Domino technology. This has allowed our industry-leading clients to maximize their investments in technology and achieve their strategic organizational goals.

In order to survive in the extremely dynamic e-business world, where product life cycles are calculated in months rather than in years, we help you to improve on your Key Performance Areas (KPAs) using a combination of our competencies. We also help you in converting your ideas to business.

Here are six important principles that we bring to every engagement. We think these are responsible for our innovative designs and cutting-edge solutions.

  • Solve the right problem. Our primary focus is on strategic change. Before we get to the technology, we start with the business.
  • Implementation matters. Applications succeed when people use them. Deployment is a key part of every engagement.
  • Build applications that are sophisticated, elegant, and robust. And keep it as simple as possible. We are clear that technology is the means not the end, but it has to work, and work well.
  • Be a change agent. People get better as both collaboration and processes change over time. We deliver paced and iterative change.
  •  Work with the smartest people possible. Our consultants are smart and we are well connected. Many projects require multiple skill sets. If we do not have it internally, we have great partners to team with.
  • Practice what you preach. We run our company and our projects with collaborative tools. Collaboration, teamwork, and partnering are an essential part of our consulting process.

 We offer the following expertise to back-up our principles:

Application Categories
These include:

  • Product knowledgebase and customer/partner information portal applications.
  • E-business applications, including comprehensive Internet, Intranet, and Extranet systems with localization.
  • Application integration services for legacy transaction processing systems, relational database applications, SFA, and CRM systems.
  • Distributed content management environments, using Domino.Doc
  • Dynamic workspaces for team collaboration and productivity enhancement, using Lotus Quick Place and Lotus SameTime.
  • Creating Workflow applications, Planning and Designing workflow application, and Monitoring / Maintaining / Troubleshooting workflow application.
  • Configuring the security infrastructure for all applications.

FCS offers :
  Customizing the Domino server in all aspects

Creating/Registering Systems Resources
Setting up Infrastructure, Servers, Workstations
Setting up/Configuring Database Resources
Setting up/Configuring Distribution and Monitoring
Setting up Domino Infrastructure Security
Configuring Domino Infrastructure Security

Lotus Team Workplace Quick Place)

Lotus Instant Messaging (SameTime)
Document Management System (Domino.Doc)
Total Messaging Migration Solution