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 Benefits of employing .NET

The Business Value of .NET

Businesses today are looking to IT departments to justify their existence within the organization and what IT will do to either increase revenue or decrease costs. The days of slow-moving, inefficient IT departments that can't meet these goals are over. To help IT departments align their goals with those of the business, it is important they choose the right technology to develop strategic applications. You need a technology that will reduce development time and produce quality, reliable, and scalable applications. The Microsoft® .NET development platform is well suited to this task.

  • Types of Applications You Can Create with .NET

    Before you can understand the real benefits of .NET, it is important to understand some of the different types of applications you can create with .NET. Below is a list of some of the types of applications that can be created using the .NET platform.

    • Customer relationship management
    • Accounting applications
    • Product/inventory applications
    • Warehousing applications using hand held devices
    • Web Sites
    • Value Chain/supply management
    • Integration with partners through the Internet
    • XML Web services
    • PDA (hand-held) applications

  1. Its All About Payback

    .NET consists of a re-useable library of classes (small components that help developers create applications). It also consists of a development environment to help developers rapidly and graphically build applications. Microsoft and many other third-party vendors are putting out tons of books, articles, sample code, specialized components, and various other resources to help make your transition to .NET easy. The .NET Framework is the future of development at Microsoft. In fact, the upcoming release of Microsoft® Windows® code named "Longhorn" is built upon the .NET Framework. All operating system functions will be encapsulated within .NET. This means that any investment you put into .NET now will last you many years into the future.

    When a business decides to undertake a software project, they should be concerned with how long the project will take, and how long until they get their investment back. This is called your Return on Investment (ROI). How ROI is calculated will vary by project and company, but this is an important step that must be undertaken prior to starting a software project. So the big question is how can .NET help with ROI? There are many reasons why .NET can help you become a more efficient IT organization and help you justify your existence within your company. First and foremost, Microsoft has put so much re-useable code and so many re-useable components into .NET that developers will not have to write as much code. This translates into less time to develop applications. If applications take less time to develop, they cost less and therefore will have a higher ROI and a quicker payback time. This means your applications have a better chance of helping your company increase revenue or decrease costs.

    Some other reasons why .NET help with ROI?

  1. Scalability, Maintainability, Deployment, Reliability, Security, Cross Platform, Services Oriented Architecture, Interoperations with existing applications, Integration with legacy systems.

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