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What is .NET?
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 Migrate to .NET

For enterprises that are locked into obsolete and inflexible platforms, FCS offers migration to open, advanced, flexible, secure, reliable & highly adopted platforms – Microsoft .NET.

The need for migration of applications or databases in enterprises arises from changes in business demands or technology challenges either to improve operational efficiency or to manage risk. Many enterprises are straddled with the challenge of ensuring that investments in legacy systems do not get locked in proprietary and outdated technologies while migrating to newer systems. The need is to preserve established business rules and practices in the old system at the same time managing valuable human resources locked in maintaining legacy systems. While options such as rewriting or buying new products exist, migration leverages the business model and the features of the application and can be done in a cost-effective manner.

  • Why migrate legacy applications

    1. Maintenance problem, complex architecture, difficult to deploy
    2. Technology obsolete, difficult to find resources
    3. Scalability problems
    4. Business logic mix-up
    5. Integration problem with other systems
    6. Difficult to upgrade the system for new user requirements
  1. Why migrate legacy applications to .NET

    1. Distributed system
    2. Smart client with win form as well as thin client with web form
    3. Ease of development
    4. Ease of deployment
    5. Xml web services
    6. Richness of the .NET framework
    7. Web service support
    8. Platform independent
    9. Standard base types across languages
    10. Standard toolset for any .NET language
    11. Support for mobile devices
    12. Standards integration: XML, SOAP, and more

    By using the Internet to enable software applications to more easily work together, Microsoft® .NET promises easier integration within and between businesses, while creating opportunities to more meaningfully connect with consumers. With .NET-connected software and services, businesses can realize improvements in the time and cost associated with developing and maintaining their business applications, as well as benefiting from empowering employees with the ability to act on vital information anywhere, from any smart device.

    FCS has experience & expertise of .NET application migration on multiple platforms. As part of our objective to provide an effective enterprise evolution strategy, we help our customers in identifying the right roadmap and strategy to migrate legacy systems at lower costs and leverage the benefits of recent platforms like Microsoft’s .NET to reduce time to market and maximize productivity. FCS’s .NET application migration services enables companies to migrate existing applications currently running on older hardware to modern hardware and software platforms. FCS provides turnkey .NET application migration services at competitive prices through its offshore development center located at Noida, India.

    Clients are able to achieve significant operational cost savings through proven business processes, functionality and data.

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