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Case Studies

A Large US-based Office Automation Manufacturer
This product is designed to assist clients in providing value-added service to their customers. The application equips sales people to conduct enterprise-wide site surveys of workgroup/document workflow processes and evaluate the related output devices currently in place. The sales person would be able to inventory the client or prospect’s output devices, and conduct complete volume and operating cost analysis. The outcome is to determine if the output technology in place matches the workgroup’s applications in the most cost effective manner.

Using this application, sales executives would be able to:

  • Manage general company information including key contacts, objectives, challenges, impacts, etc.
  • Manage equipment details of the company and gauge user satisfaction
  • Identify areas for improvement and suggest solutions

The application would also enable the client’s sales people to map the business workflow of the client using a design tool like Microsoft Visio. This would help the user to make the client see the repetitive aspects of the business flow that adds monthly/yearly costs for the client. This would help the user to suggest technology solutions to the client to remove redundant steps and reduce cost for these processes.

This would also help sales executives to calculate the storage costs of the client by calculating the cost with respect to managing the papers and folders generated at the client premises.

The findings of the site survey, the complete output device inventory, and the current volumes and operating cost would be input into the application program. The program would compile all the site survey information, compute the entire math, format the results both graphically and in text, and produce a full-color document analysis automatically.

The application would also help the user to generate a nicely formatted proposal covering users’ observations, recommendations, and business impact. This proposal can be submitted to the top management of the client, thus influencing their decision. This take into consideration the client information entered by the user, which includes the equipment details, observations, areas for improvement, suggested solutions, existing business workflow diagram highlighting the current cost, and proposed workflow diagram highlighting the cost savings. This module also provides various templates for the generation of word document and the PowerPoint presentations as required by the client.

The application would also enable data aggregation in the Central Server at the client’s head office. This would help the top management to analyze the data and take informed decisions.

The program is completely user-friendly with an interface that is easy to navigate.

Other features of the application include:

  • Onsite and offsite document storage cost calculations
  • A survey process to determine the steps in a business/workflow process, and then associate costs with each step, and finally “flow chart” the workflow process
  • Proposal generation tool
  • Ability to add that replicates data back to a central server location for analysis
  • Aggregation of data from the field back into an MS-SQL database so that it can be “queried” randomly (database + query tool)
  • Scheduler for sales executives to manage tasks with respect to a specific client
  • Module for job transfer between sales executives




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