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e-SMARTtrain and e-SMARTsupport

The FCS Product Training Concept

In times when organizations face tremendous pressures to succeed and sustain growth, product-training solutions need to be dynamically designed so as to be able to sustain growth. The FCS model of product training dwells on the unique e-SMARTtrain and e-SMARTsupport concept that can propel organizations towards success in product learning like never before – fast and quick.

The FCS e-SMARTtrain and e-SMARTsupport is a revolutionary concept in product training. Its elements are dynamic, contain enhanced features and are of help for even the smallest of organizations. This concept calls for identifying the level of the organization which is then provided with a strategic e-SMARTtrain and e-SMARTsupport system that is in sync with that organization's specific requirements.

SMARTlearn & SMART support

The FCS e-SMARTtrain Services Advantage

Our e-SMARTtrain concept realizes the challenges faced by modern training systems and accommodates techniques that are specific, innovative and revolutionary. The e-SMARTtrain services stand for enriched learning experience that defines learning as a needs-based concept where training is undertaken horizontally, at all levels of the organizational.

The e-SMARTtrain concept is a time-proven concept and is suited for fast-changing technological milieu like the present. Users are no longer homogenous masses; rather they are all part of highly focused heterogeneous groups.

Who is the e-SMARTtrain trainee?
The e-SMARTtrain trainee is characterized by the following qualities:

  1. Has ever-changing needs
  2. Have unique skill-sets
  3. Has less time
  4. Requires specific information and shuns information overload
  5. Wants routine less learning
  6. Wants instant results
  7. Seeks instant problem-solving
  8. Wants personalized attention

The e-SMARTtrain training system contains the following features:

  • Personalized Navigation
  • Hot Tips
  • Offline Capability
  • Micro-level Comprehensive learning system
  • Macro-level Comprehensive learning system
  • Assessments built

The FCS e-SMARTsupport Services Advantage

The FCS e-SMARTsupport services understand that the basic need for support services is to facilitate the learning experience to be holistic and complete. Support services are value-added service that reinforces what was learnt thereby saving precious time wasted in linear education systems.

The e-SMARTsupport support system offers the following:

  • Full Multimedia support (Chat – e-mail – Voice)
  • Interactive Troubleshooter
  • Specialized need-based knowledge
  • Personalized attention
  • 24x7x365 operations
  • Support delivered by specialists



Experienced team

Sustained customer services
IT-enabled customer support
Feedback systems
Reduced lead time to market


Troubleshoot a problem

Help to setup, install and configure
Use advanced product features
Techniques to perform regular maintenance
Help to upgrade and migrate the product
Help recycling and disposal of the product
FCS offers :
Robust training and tracking

Scalable E-learning content management platform
Assessment Tools
On the job supports systems