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Enhancement services call and process methodology

These are those calls, which relates to development of ABAP reports, changes in SAP functional customization for additional features or SAP changes corresponding with changes in the business functions. Some of the BASIS calls related activities for performance enhancement; changes in authorization profiles for fine-tuning the access controls etc. may also be a part of enhancement services.

Such calls are taken up as development or enhancement calls and are taken through the complete software development and implementation life cycle.

The enhancement calls are recorded, acknowledged and assigned to SAP functional/technical consultant for development. The consultant works out a system requirement specification (SRS) document and put it up for user approval. This document also contains the priority level, effort and elapsed time estimates. The effort estimate includes the effort already spent on preparing the SRS document.

Based on the sign-off from the designated user and approving person, the development is done on the customers’ SAP development server (development client). The test is carried out on the test server. It is put up for user acceptance test (UAT). Based on the UAT sign-off, the implementation on productive server is done through the SAP transport mechanism. A final sign-off is then obtained and the call is closed.




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